Moral Mazes – The 5 fundamental rules of corporate life

From “Moral Mazes” a book by the sociologist Robert Jackall:

“The fundamental rules of corporate life”:

(1) You never go around your boss.
(2) You tell your boss what he wants to hear, even when your boss claims that he wants dissenting views.
(3) If your boss wants something dropped, you drop it.
(4) You are sensitive to your boss’s wishes so that you anticipate what he wants; you don’t force him, in other words, to act as a boss.
(5) Your job is not to report something that your boss does not want reported, but rather to cover it up. You do your job and you keep your mouth shut.

Thank you Edward Snowden and Bradley Edward Manning for not following the above rules. I really appreciate that you both sacrificed your own life and you kept your own moral standards against the systematic evil you discovered and exposed.

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