Toilet cleaning 2.0 (toilets are cleaned academically) or Generacion Cero

When I walk around Amsterdam, I see a lot more Spanish people. They are not tourist. They are immigrants – the lost generation or ‘generacion cero‘ is on the move trying their luck everywhere around Europe.

If you ask me, Spain, Greece and Portugal are way ahead of us. What they are experiencing we will be experiencing faster and we will be hit even harder – we do not have anywhere to run. We are on our way to “world cero“.

How sad it will or could be, shows the Facebook post of a Spanish pal (with some nice academic degrees) – cleaning toilets in the UK. Didn’t they tell us that education is best defense against unemployment? The best thing: he is not complaining about the fact that he cleans toilets. He complains that he didn’t have the opportunity to clean toilets in Spain.

I understand him, I would rather be in my home country where the sun shines, where they have a siesta from 15- 18 and where the food tastes awesome and the girls have big brown eyes and dark hair instead of being in London, a metropolis and the center of the people who are partly responsible for the situation you are in (the bankers). He is maybe even cleaning the very toilets of some of those big shot bankers who have caused what has happend to Spain and has forced him to leave his home country and leave everything behind.

Think about this one.

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