Fukushima worldwide radioactive contamination brought to you by Japanese culture

As the US government is in shut down, Japan is struggling with a not so internal crisis that is in my opinion threatening mankind. If you are not aware what is going on there, you must have missed an important world event.

The thing is that the mainstream media went dead about it – which is not a big surprise. What I am more concerned about is that there is not an international effort to help Japan to solve the disaster happening there as it has the potential to have an impact on us all. I have not heard that the US or EU is rushing in there to help Japan preventing radioactivity spreading all over the globe. The last news I read was that a mind-blowing 400 tons of radioactivity is flushing into the ocean each day.

If you think, that it is an Japanese or Asian problem, you must think twice and have a look at those two simulations how it will impact us all.

And, here we face the systematic evil again. Tepco, the Japanese energy provider, is not telling us the truth what is exactly going on nor has there been any help from specialist from outside Japan until recently apparently.

The authorities’ handling of the nuclear disaster was widely criticized, with an independent investigation calling it a “man-made disaster” that unfolded as a result of collusion between TEPCO, regulators and the government.  The report blames Japanese culture for the fundamental causes of the disaster. And it seems, that they haven’t learned a thing until today, not asking the international community for help and not even telling the truth about the consequences and contamination going on as we speak. The Japanese government is censoring their scientist. Can it get more evil?


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