Response to the ‘Quit’ video

Well, here the lame video response from the employer. She did the right thing to leave such an uncreative company that could not even come up with something more orginal than copying her. The people in the video look like they have been forced into performing. Do your own judgement.

Read the comments on YouTube and you see that it has not the effect they probably expected. I agree, that it is JUST LAME.

Some of the comments below the video:

“The video “quit” and by inference, damming critique, obviously touched a nerve. The riposte is so derivative, it highlights the talent lost in Marina’s resignation. I feel sorry for those left behind, forced to perform in public to show loyalty to the company and to assuage management’s hurt feelings.”

“Seriously? This is just lame.”

“They just made a fool out of themeselves. Kudos to Marina for leaving this company.”

“Isn’t it funny how most of the comments agree that this wasn’t funny at all and you just seem stupid? I hate bosses who doesn´t know how to accept a “no”. So you got a big public no and still decided to shoot yourself (and your company) by doing this video saying: “yeah, we don’t care about workers personal life”. Your video will be doing more damage to your company than her video. Good thing: maybe you’ll learn something with this in the future.”

“First, Marina is right for leaving so good for her! Second, just can’t let a person have a moment. And third, are there no other people working her except the Taiwanese Animators and the three white guys? Weird…”

“Lame attempt at damage control.”

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