Obesity – brought to you by the food industry

I am reading Michael Moss book Salt, Sugar, Fat  right now. It is a fascinating read and really recommend it. One thing that strikes me is that the food industry was taken over by the tobacco industry (Philip Morris) about 20 years ago. They use the same mechanisms to hook people on unhealthy lifestyles. They use the same tactics as they used to get people hooked on smoking. It is a good case to show systematic evil and this systematic evil has a great impact on many, many people.

I was researching obesity on the internet and I am a bit cautious posting links to sites. The food industry seems to hire the best SEO experts and paying researchers to spread and high rank misinformation on Google. Of course, they want you to continue eating their high sugar, high saturated fat and high salt food and are fearing lawsuits like the tobacco industry.

I read the first 100 pages of the book and I am frankly shocked but not surprised how systematically the food industry (and tobacco industry) has taken over our stomaches and bodies.

I wish you all an unprocessed food year! Do not be fooled by the marketing departments and food engineers searching for the ultimate bliss point of the big food companies.


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