Income Tax Inequality, Injustice and Systematic Evil from Monsato

The first video was recorded in 2005. The two richest people in the world – Bill Gates and Warren Buffet comment on their own tax rate. Warren Buffet at around 1:50m: “They have really taken care of the rich.” It is kind of modern sarcasm that the richest people tell us to tax them more as they think themselves that they aren’t paying enough taxes. 7 years back nobody listened and situation is worse now than ever.

The sad star of the second video features a 16 year old who was taken off New York City streets, charged with a crime he did not commit and incarcerated (jailed) for an astonishing 3 years. I really can not tell if why it took “the system” so long but “the system” stole three years of an innocent life. At least he is free now.

The third video is for my part the most disturbing video of the day. Reporters find out that there is a health danger in US milk caused by Monsato Bovine hormons they are producing. Fox & Monsato try to shut them up. Systematic evil at it bests. A multi billion dollar corporation trying to prevent a news story of their product that knowingly causes cancer and is still used across the US (while banned in Canada and Europe). Using all their powers to influence media (Fox News) and nice insights about the people in the system (the managers at Fox, the lawyers). Must watch if you interested in systematic evil.


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