America’s mass incarceration, uprise in hate against jews & a large wall street scam

The United States is locking up its population. The main ethnic group in prison are black people. It does not look good for the land of opportunities if you look at those two statistics alone:

incarceration rates prison popoulation

Millions and millions people are being warehoused. And many of those are black. Are black people committing more crimes than other ethnic groups? There is no correlation between crime rates and incarceration rates.

Maybe it is just that the police is a bit more focused on black people.

And then we have Wall Street. Those guys never get searched and frisked, but they are able to “save” 19% of taxes by inventing new products that nobody will ever understand. Maps and Colt – shitty names with a lot of mathematical creativity in it. Just made to save a staggering (estimated) 6 billion but nobody really knows. It may be a lot more. Read the full story at The Guardian.

And then we have a new uprising in hate against Jews. It went so far that the largest and most popular newspaper in Germany called all citizens to stand up against hate against Jews.

During demonstrations in Holland, people were waving with swastikas flags and shouting “Kill all Jews”.

We created a world full of systematic evil. May the good forces be with us that we are able to prevent anything resembling a situation we had 75 years ago.

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