We won – Apple is paying taxes & the pitchforks are coming…….

We got a partial win – Apple is ordered to pay back taxes. Big thanks to our new hero Margrethe Vestager. Make sure to send her a thank you tweet and tell her to go after the others. We found another hero – Nick Hanauer. He is a multi-billionaire and he wrote this piece, we love it so […]

Open up the offshore tax havens to EVERYBODY!

bad apple Make apple pay taxes

Why can’t we all use tax havens? Why is it only multinational cooperations and really rich individuals that are able to use small islands in some warm place to stash away all their profits so they never have to contribute to our society? Apple could easily pay for 70% of the Us Federal budget for […]

Am I Weird When I Say That Wealth Inequality Is Dangerous?

Oxfam said that the wealth of the poorest 50% dropped by 41% between 2010 and 2015, despite an increase in the global population of 400m. In the same period, the wealth of the richest 62 people increased by $500bn (£350bn) to $1.76tn. Mark Goldring, the Oxfam GB chief executive, said: “It is simply unacceptable that […]

The suprising connection between mass violence, fatness & Wall Street

60 trillion debt

It has been a long time I have update this blog. My personal life was pretty busy as I just became father this week. I did have lots of stuff on mind I wanted to post here. A lot has happend since my last post. Systematic evil is still pondering ahead full speed. First of […]