Protecting California

I spend all of August in California. It is the most beautiful place on earth. I can understand that many people dream of living there. I do as well.

Harvey Wasserman sends me some information about the Diablo Canyon reactors which could lead to an American Fukushima and ruin one part of the world I fell in love with forever.

The situation is identical to Fukushima:

  1. the operator of the reactors is not trustworthy (they have been fined 1,4 billion)
  2. the reactor lies near five fault lines
  3. the reactors violate state water quality laws
  4. the reactors are vulnerable to tsunamis and fire.

I wonder who was in charge when approving  building the reactor only 45 miles away from the massive San Andreas fault and just 650 yard from the coastline. This is like asking for a major incident. Plus the reactors are not fire proof. When the reactor were build more than 10.000 people protesting were arrested. Building this reactors was outright systematic evil which is now a threat to California and maybe the rest of North America.

On August 25th while we were in Arizona, an earthquake hit California. We got lucky. Diablo must be shut down immediately, if the next quake hits Diablo, we are all doomed!

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