Looking for some fun? Try becoming a banker in Holland!


Well, you got to love them or you just might hate them.  All the banks in the Netherlands reported good earnings, mainly due to US – the homeowners. They made a staggering 6 billion profit from interest on mortgages .

We all pay a few hundred euros per month more then for example Spanish or German house owners. It is kind of outrageous considering that the Dutch people bailed out all of the banks reporting big profits now because we pay too much for our mortgages. So what did they plan to do with all the profits? Take a good guess. They were planning to pay themselves a BIG bonus. Of course. After a public outcry, they reconsidered. Now they are not getting any bonus, they are getting a big pay rise.

And the guy responsible for watching over them says they need to pay big bonuses otherwise there will be a human capital drainage to London or other banking hotspots. I would say, let them go and please do not let them come back. Just like the Syrian warrior types, cancel their passports. Goodbye, hope to see you never again. Zalm can follow them. Instead of Zalm put Conchita in his place, but only if she shows up in her after work outfits and spanks all those naughty bankers who are even thinking about paying out big bonuses on the back of all hard working people.

You don’t know Conchita ?



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