The only person paying taxes is?


The multinationals supported by an army of lawyers, tax advisors, accountants (the big 4) and bankers pay next to nothing. Guess which country plays a key role in all of it? The Netherlands.

Below a link to a Dutch documentary about the system multinationals have setup to avoid taxes or neutralize taxes (=no taxes).

The CFO of Starbucks would not say what tax rate Starbucks and the Dutch IRS have agreed on.

In the end, the conclusion is: US cooperations have in excess of 1 Trillion USD parked offshore. They can’t pay it out to the shareholders (they would have to pay taxes over it in the US). So they rae lending it out to the governments where they did not pay taxes as those are running a huge deficit because the cooperations didn’t pay their taxes in the first place.

Pure systematic evil.

See the complete documentary here:

Tegenlicht Tour de Tax



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