We have elected those people to represent us – and they are screwing us all

These two movies are pretty popular in The Netherlands (combined 600k views, not at all enough, it is a much watch for every taxpayer in the EU). They are showing how evil our and your EU representatives are. They are definitely in for the money and nothing else. They are screwing us all and laughing in our faces. signing in to get 300 Euros for debates they never attended, employing their relatives to get additional allowances, dining and wining first class. All made possible by our tax money.

See for yourself – but watch out you might get pretty angry if you happend to pay taxes in the EU. Those guys are the foxes in the henhouse and their are showing the typical  “Hen house syndrome” which means they are killing it in surplus – my and your money.

If you do  not understand Dutch you can read a transcript here: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=9dd_1372157163

If you are now and upset, try contacting Raffaele BALDASSARRE and ask him what he is doing with your money coming weekend and how the champagne tastes we all bought him.


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