Open up the offshore tax havens to EVERYBODY!

bad apple Make apple pay taxes

Why can’t we all use tax havens? Why is it only multinational cooperations and really rich individuals that are able to use small islands in some warm place to stash away all their profits so they never have to contribute to our society?

Apple could easily pay for 70% of the Us Federal budget for education, training, employment and social services, if they would move the profits to the States and actually pay taxes.

According to Citizens for Tax Justice, Fortune 500 companies are holding more than $2.1 trillion in accumulated profits offshore for tax purposes, with just 30 companies – the ones listed below – accounting for 65% of the total.

Please head over to How much net to read the full article.

I am finishing up my 2015 taxes as we speak. I am also going to pay those by end of this month. I am happy to pay my taxes and contribute to the country I live in to the fullest so that everybody has access to clean water, good education, is safe from violence, from fire outburst and is able to enjoy good infrastructure, clean streets. Let’s ban all those cooperations from our country and let them move to Cayman islands or somewhere else and do their business. They do not pay taxes here – they might just as well leave to where their money is stashed.

Why are we allowing multinational cooperations to get away with not contributing to our societies? Why are our politicans so lame and let them get away with it?

Our small webshop pays more taxes than Apple (in percentage of revenue). Give me a break. yeah the world is unfair but who is making it unfair?

What would happen if we all “optimise” our taxes like Apple and stash them away?

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