• Bankers
  • The only person paying taxes is?

    YOU! The multinationals supported by an army of lawyers, tax advisors, accountants (the big 4) and bankers pay next to nothing. Guess which country plays a key role in all of it? The Netherlands. Below a link to a Dutch documentary about the system multinationals have setup to avoid taxes or neutralize taxes (=no taxes). […]

  • Consumer debt
  • Interview: Paxman vs Brand

    Russel Brand is an English comedian, actor, radio host, and author. This interview is funny and inspiring. Russel says: “People in the first time of a generation are aware of a massive corporate and economic exploitation.” See the interview for more statements. More Russel Brand below. My favorite quote from the video: “The only reality that […]

  • Ethical Questions
  • The Hunger Games are real

    Visit http://oddsinourfavor.org/ and join the resistance. Who controls the narrative? The rich and powerful tell us that if we put our heads down and work hard, we can overcome the odds and join the ranks of the victors — the wealthy and privileged few. However, it’s increasingly clear that the game is rigged, and that we have […]